AEL – Standby Diesel Fired boiler installation

Purpose: Backup steam production
Pressure: 30 bar
Temperature: 300 oC
Mass flowrate: 30 T/hr
Fuel: Diesel
Project type: Brownfields

IES was commissioned to specify and source a backup boiler towards the end of 2015 to act as a backup boiler for AEL’s “Fly Ash” boiler. Due to the very short lead time requirement from the client, a Diesel fired boiler was sourced from the USA. IES provided the complete array of Engineering, Design, Drafting, Project management, Installation support and Commissioning support for all aspects of the boiler, namely: Diesel Receiving system; Diesel Supply system; Ignition gas system; Economizer system; Pressure system (all pressure piping); Combustion air system; Drains and Vents; Feedwater system; Desuperheating system; General compressed air system and Control compressed air system. The boiler was successfully installed and commissioned towards the end of 2015.