Kelvin Power – Pre-feasibility study into demin water supply risks

Client: Kelvin Power
Purpose: Development and justify a cost effective solution to mitigate the risk associated with the existing B station demin water plant.
Steam pressure: N/A
Steam temperature: N/A
Mass flowrate: 60 – 100 T/Hr
Fuel: N/A
Project type: Brownfields/Greenfields

KELVIN POWER currently have concerns regarding the civil foundation around the existing demin plant. In response to this threat, KELVIN POWER is looking into a number of possible solutions to mitigate this risk. The project involved the consolidation of the proposed solutions into a “decision matrix” to better manage the decision making process. A number of factors were considered in evaluating each option, namely, Process, Environmental, Commercial and Risk. A high level 3D layout model was developed of the identified solution.